Various measures by the State Government for prevention and control of the waterborne diseases- Babanrao Lonikar

Nagpur : The Water Supply and Hygine Minister Babanrao Lonikar today informed the Legislative Assembly during the question hour that fifty three thousand five hundred twelve water samples were biologically checked in the public health laboratories in the state, out of which only nine percent of the water samples were found to be polluted. He also informed that various measures are being taken by the State Government for prevention and control of the waterborne diseases

Following measures are taken to prevent and control the epidemics like Cholera, jaundis, typhoid which includes the regular survey of waterborne diseases, supply of necessary medicines to health institutes, regular training to water guards for purification of water, hygienic survey in coordination with Rural Development Department, Health awareness amongst the public with respect to water borne diseases, purification machinery, supply of pure potable water through Reverse Osmosis and other procedures. The laboratories in the state are being strengthened to check the water samples in the state. The water guards successfully collecting the water samples as per the target prescribed to them are paid special allowance. Special follow up is being made from the state level to complete the partially completed water supply schemes. .

Shri Rahul Kul had tabled the question in this reference.