US Nuclear Studies professor says stockpile in the hands of leaders vulnerable

Joseph Rao

Nagpur: The Nuclear reserve in the hands of Global leaders is more vulnerable than the stockpiles in the hands of terrorist groups,” Peter Kuznick, a Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute, American University has said. The world has faced the aftermath of Nuclear weapons once that affected generations in Japan. It will be very tough for extremist groups to get the nuclear control but the current situation in South Asia will
definitely lead to a Nuclear war,” Prof Kuznick predicted.

“Use of Nuclear weapon is a threat to the World and every individual should come forward to pressurise their Government to reduce the nuclear stockpile for their own safety, said tje renowned American Historian who was in city had interacted with students at various educational institutions to encourage youth to take a stand against nuclear weapons and spread awareness a bout the peaceful use of nuclear energy. “South Asian countries like North Korea, India, Pakistan, China, South Korea and Japan are the players who are on the verge of nuclear war.

Citizens of such countries should pressurise their governments to restrict their Nuclear show-offfor the sake of their own safety,” urged Prof Kuznick. When asked about prevailing tension between USA and North Korea now a days, Kuznick stated,“South Korean President Moon is playing a major role to calm down aggravated situation between USA and
North Korea and it is a good sign. He is putting efforts to interact with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to seek peaceful resolution to the crisis.” Blaming US President, Kuznick said, “Trump is a person who hijacked the social media from the very first day of his election campaign and the situation remains the same even today. His twitter war with North Korean leader is a complete madness.”

Commenting on US nuclear stockpiles, Kuznick explained, “Trump is in favour to increase the nuke-reserve and he is reacting in the same manner while previous President Barack Obama’s views were exactly opposite. He tried to reduce the America’s nuclear weapons and his contribution towards peace, awarded him Noble Peace Prize in 2009.”