The Tree Plantation ceremony in Ranmala Village now in villages and cities all over the state – Sudhir Mungantiwar

Mumbai: If we welcome a new born baby in our family by planting a sapling at our home ? If we gift a fruit sapling to any the newly married couple in our family on the auspicious occasion of their marriage and offer them our blessings ? It develops an affectionate bond with that sapling and the person who gifts it. The we ourselves nurture that sapling and ensure that it grows. This custom and practice followed by Ranmala Villagein Khed Tehsil in Pune District will now be adopted in all the cities and villages in the state. The Rural Development Department and the Urban Development Department have issued a Government Resolution in this respect. This was informed by the Forest Minister Shri Sudhir Mungantiwar today who exhorted the citizens of the state to participate in this activity of conserving the plants and trees as a part of our sweet and stoic memories

He informed about this initiative while taking cognizance of some of the notable activities while reviewing the target of planting 13 crores sampling plantation yesterday.

While informing the sapling and tree planing pattern in the “Ranmala” village he said that every family in the Ranmala Village ha tried to conserve the memory of every auspicious occasion like birth, marriage, any achievement, and even the memories of their late relatives. They have cherished the memories of every moment of their life by planting trees around their houses, courtyard gardens and farm bunds. This has resulted in the enhanced green cover for the village and their memories turned eternal.

The Rural and Urban Development Department has decided to disseminate and propagate this practice developed by the Ranmala Village in every village and town in the state under the ” Tree nurturing is nature’s worship” program. Every birth in the village will be welcomed by presenting a tree to the family of the new born. This will be named as ” shubhechha vruksha (Greetings plant ). As the baby grows, so will the sapling, is the feeling behind this scheme. The newly wed couple will be presented the “Shubhamangal Vruksha “( Happy marriage tree) Thre tree will bless the newly wed couple for a happy married life. The students who pass the tenth and twelth standard examinations or begin their new career or their own enterprise will be presented with “Anand vriksha ‘ Happy tree. This will diploid their happiness. The daughter going to her in laws place after marriage will plant a sapling in her parents’ courtyard leaving behind her sweet memories for them . If any family looses their near and dear one, they will plant a sapling in his memory and cherish the same. In short this scheme will attempt any stoic memory to be cherished.

This saplings can be obtained out of the Corporate Social Responsibility fund of many industries and industrialists and from environment activist. They can also be procured from the Social Forestry branch or Maharashtra Forest Development Corporation at concessional rates. Municipal Corporation or Private Nurseries can also make such saplings available to the general public. The Grampanchayats can meet these expenses from their income or village funds. Saplings can be distributed on various celebration occasions like birth, marriage, birthday etc considering the year from 1st July to 30 th June. Token will be issued to those desiring to distribute the saplings in the presence of dignitaries. A pledge for conservation of trees and environment will be taken on this occasion. Ranmala village has set an example as to how Environment conservation will cherish our stoic memories , brushing the m up as the sampling develops into a tree , to enjoy its shade and fruits and flowers of such grown up trees. This example will be emulated through sprinkle effect in every town and village in the state through the ” Tree nurturing is nature’s worship” program. Shri Mungantiwar informed that this will lead to a permanent source of income.