Strict Stand : MSRTC staff to face 32-days pay cut for 4-day strike


Mumbai: Launching strike at the critical time of Diwali vacation is likely to prove costly to the all concerned employees of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC). MSRTC has issued a circular on Monday declaring deduction in the salaries paid to the workers who went on a four-day strike during Diwali. The circular states that for each strike day, the salary deducted on that day would be equivalent to eight days payment given to the workers.

On Monday, the decision regarding salary deduction of the workers was taken during a meeting conducted between senior MSRTC officials. The management of MSRTC incurred at least Rs 125 crore losses during the four-day strike conducted between September 17 to September 20. “The workers salary would be deducted on a six-months installation basis. There was a huge convenience to the commuters during Diwali due to the indefinite strike. Commuters had to depend on private buses and pay an exorbitant amount,” said the official.

The union workers went on a strike as they failed to receive a hike in the salary. The MSRTC incurs almost Rs 450 crores losses annually. At least 18,000 buses are run on a daily basis and 65 lakh passenger travel daily by these buses. The officials said that the salary demands raised by the workers did not fit into their economic budget.