Strict Action to be Taken Against Water Mafia-CM Devendra Fadnavis

Nagpur : Water supply is being made from a Malad reservoir to slum situated on the high and mountainous Krantinagar in Kandivali (East), Mumbai. At some places of water scarcity, water Mafia makes storage of water in tanks by stealing and then sells water at high rates. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis informed in Vidhan Parishad about the instructions given to take strict action against such persons .

Member Mr. Pravin Darekar had given an attention notice about water scarcity in Kandivali (East) Krantinagar area. Replying to the attention notice , Chief Minister Shri. Fadnavis was speaking. He said that to supply water to the slum in Krantinagar area, Malad reservoir has the main water pipe line of 1500 mm diameter and , a water supply pipe line of 150 mm diameter has been attached to it . Since the slum is 25 meters high, so the supply of water is sometimes more or less. For this, arrangements of suction tank and pumping have been made. Water connection has been provided in the suction tank at lower level. Moreover, the work of repairing of reservoir has been completed in June 2018. After this, regular water supply is on.

The police and the Municipal Corporation have been asked to take action against the persons stealing water and trying to sell it. Apart from this, Chief Minister Shri Fadnavis also informed that 115 unauthorized water connections have been disconnected by Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika, Shree Fadnavis said.

Member Bhai Jagtap took part in the discussion.