Only ST Mahamandal Authorised to Register Non-A.C. Sleeper Buses-Divakar Raote

Soon Non A C Sleeper Buses of ST To Run in State

Mumbai : The State Government has already authourised S T Mahamandal for registration of Non- A.C. sleeper buses and it’s transportation . This permission is only for the buses of ST Mahamandal . Soon Non- A C sleeper buses will start running in service of the public, informed Transport Minister Divakar Raote .

Registration of Non- A.C. buses is not permissible in the State . But the State Government has authorised the S T Mahamandal in this regard by relaxing some conditions and rules for ST Mahamandal . Transpot Department of the State Government has permitted ST Mahamandal to Register Non- A.C. sleeper buses and to run them in the State .

Minister Shree Raote said that A Y Mahamandal is running long distance buses at large scale . Passengers prefer ST buses for travel at night . At present the passengers travel while sitting . It becomes inconvenient for the passengers to travel long distance . So running of sleeper ST buses has been permitted . Accordingly some A.C. sleeper buses have been undertaken by ST Mahamandal . To make it affordable to the common public , it has been decided to run Non-A.C. Sleeper Buses under ST Mahamandal . Mahamandal has approve the proposal . There were some problems in registration process of such buses . But considering the requirements of the public the Transport Department of the State Government has relaxed some rules for ST Mahamandal on 13th April 2018 . Now there is no technical problem in running of Non- A.C. sleeper buses in the State . He said that soon these buses will be there in the service of the public .

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