Special Campaign in Collaboration with MNREGA for Cleanliness, Restoration of Forts and Fortress

Tourism and Employment Guarantee Scheme Minister, Jayakumar Rawal

Nagpur : A special campaign will be organized in collaboration with MNREGA and Employment Guarantee Scheme and Archeology Department, to clean the forts of the important historical heritage of the state and restore these forts. Tourism and Employment Guarantee Scheme Minister Jaykumar Rawal said here today that it will increase the possibilities of employment and tourism will also be encouraged.

The Government decision will be issued soon for the success of this campaign, Minister Shri. Rawal said.

A meeting was held at Ravi Bhavan under the Chairmanship of Shree Rawal to plan the campaign . He gave instructions to the respective departments in the meeting, to make a detailed plan for the success of the campaign and its implementation. Principal Secretary of the Tourism Department Nitin Gadre, Secretary of Employment Guarantee Scheme Department Eknath Davle, MNREGA Commissioner A S. R. Naik , Director, State Archeology Department Tejas Garge, Deputy Secretary, Tourism, Sanjay Bhandarkar and others were present on the occasion.

For the purpose of effectively implementing this campaign the forts will be cleaned by the workers under MNREGA. In about 100 days the forts will be cleaned up. Cleanliness, repair, plantation of trees, cleanliness of ponds, cutting of trees etc. will be done for the beautification of the forts , Shree Rawal said.

There are about 450 forts in the state. Many of these forts have grown trees, shrubs, grasses in large numbers. It is necessary for these forts to maintain cleanliness of the forts and premises for achieving ultimate glory. Under the special campaign for this, the firts will be cleaned through the central government’s MNREGA, state’s Employment Guarantee Scheme and the State Archaeological . These departments should plan to implement this campaign effectively, Shri. Rawal informed .