Russell’s Viper Snake gives 36 baby snake in Mumbai institute

Mumbai : A female Russell’s Viper gave birth to 36 hatchlings at Haffkine Institute for Training Research and Testing.

This female Russell Viper was caught from Baramati district of Maharashtra in the last week of June who gave birth after four days. It comes under “Big Four” venomous snakes list in India.

Elated, institute director Dr Nishigandga Naik told ANI, “It is lucky for us to welcome these babies in our institute. The mother and her 36 snake lets are healthy and safe.”

“I would like to say that this institute follows all World Health Organisation (WHO) norms and there is no issue about their food or safety,” Naik added.

The species generally gives birth to two dozen hatchlings, but this Viper gave birth to 36 hatchlings.

Currently, Haffkine institute is in consultation with Maharashtra forest department as to how and when will the viper and her baby snakes will be left in natural habitat.