Raj Bhavan’s Officers and Staff takes Pledge of eradication of corruption

Mumbai: Shri B Venugopal Reddy, Secretary to Governor of Maharashtra CH Vidyasagar Rao on Monday (30 Oct) administered the pledge of eradication of corruption to the staff and officers of Raj Bhavan on the first day of the Vigilance Awareness Week celebrated all over the country. The Vigilance Awareness week will be celebrated in Maharashtra from 30October to 4 November 2017.

In the Message Governor says, Institutional corruption arises due to unnecessary procedural formalities. During the Vigilance Awareness Week, officials and citizens should identify and do away with such practices and procedures which are archaic and no longer relevant.

Reading the pledge with the Secretary to Governor, the employees and officers resolved ‘to work unstintingly for eradication of corruption’ and ‘to bring about integrity and transparency’ in all spheres of life.