Panaji: Brave security guard foils robbery attempt, in spite of hammer blows

Panaji: In a daring act, an ATM security guard in Goa took on an armed robber and foiled his attempt make off with the cash. Even though the security guard was struck multiple times on the head with a hammer when he tried to fight off the robber, the brave guard didn’t back down to fight to fight off a bid by two men to rob a Bank of Maharashtra ATM situated across the road from police headquarters in Panaji.

The early morning robbery bid on October 27 was captured on the CCTV installed in the ATM booth of the bank branch, which is in the heart of the city and a well-guarded area.

The CCTV footage, shared widely on social media, shows Ranu Singh, a native of Madhya Pradesh, grapple with a hooded man who repeatedly hits him with a hammer.

In his complaint, Ranu Singh told police that between 1am and 1.30am two men wearing hoods came to the ATM. One of them stood guard and the other entered the ATM to steal.

The Panaji police secured the CCTV footage and registered a case of attempt to robbery and murder against the two unidentified men. But authorities have not identified the man yet as he was wearing a mask.