Mineral Development Fund will be Investigated- Subhash Desai

Nagpur : Road work is underway under the Mineral Development Fund in Raigad District. Industries and Mining Minister Subhash Desai said in the Legislative Council that if there are any error in funding these works, then the Guardian Minister and the Collector will be ordered to inquire.

Member Aniket Tatkare had brought an attention notice in regards of the Mineral Development Fund. Mr. Desai was speaking while answering this notice. He said 12 projects of rupees 456.89 lakhs have been approved under the Mineral Development Fund in Raigad district. Road works of Khwali, Surav, Morba Tal. Mangaon are included in it . But these works have now been classified by the Mineral Development Establishment. With the repeal of the September 1, 2016 Act, the Mineral evelopment establishment has been established in every district. Its President is the Guardian Minister and the Secretary is the Collector. If there is some error in this fund, then the inquiry will be done and the funds will be settled.

Member Sunil Tatkare took part in the discussion.