Members must unite & work hard for the betterment of ‘AIIPA’ – T. K. Chakraborty

Nagpur : “We must come together and work hard to grow as an organisation”, appealed T. K. Chakraborty on the culmination of a 3 day conference of All India Insurance Pensioners Association (AIIPA).

He said, If the zonal incharges and the office bearers didn’t communicate with the members, then our issues and demands will remain unsolved. Therefore we all must unite for our rights and demands to fulfill our goals.

Tuesday was the 3rd day of 7th general conference of AIIPA held at Com. Govindrajan hall in South Central Zone Cultural Centre between 11 to 13 February.

General secretary AIIPA, T. K. Chakraborty shown a guiding light to the members attending the conference in his speech. He blamed the government for dividing the society on the basis of caste, religion and money to maintain their supremacy.

He said, demonetization was not declared by Finance minister but Prime minister. Which is highly questionable and dubious. But no satisfactory justification was given by the government whatsoever.

After demonetization gold prices were hiked upto 70,000 rupees per 3 grams. Because maximum black money was converted to Gold, Silver and Property.

About 40 milions jobs were lost due to demonetization effect. The black money numbers were hiked initially but after calculation of returns the number went down.

Business got hampered and all public sector works are carried out by contracts and government is trying to privatize every sector. They are deciding what to wear and eat as well as how and whom to worship, Chakraborty said.

He condemned the government policies and marked the threat of merging the insurance companies such as Life insurance corporation, National insurance company and General insurance company. All insurance company’s assets are divided into shares. So in future the share-holders may advice to stop the pension fund. Therefore we must educate our members about this and counter the corporate as well as government strategy.

AIIPA, vice president M. L. Sethiya introduced the new general committee of AIIPA for the duration of 2018 to 2020. Com. Ashok Tiwari from Kanpur was elected as the President P. K. Chakraborty from Nagpur was chosen as general secretary once again and S. Z. Dhote was elected as the treasurer. All committee members name were suggested by the various zones and then unanimously elected.