Maha: Fuel rates dropped by Rs 4 as gift on Raj Thackeray’s birthday

Mumbai: On Maharashtra Navnirman Sena President Raj Thackeray’s birthday today, to give slight relief to common people, MNS has decided to provide petrol at Rs 4 less than market rate at selected fuel pumps in Maharashtra.

MNS last month had decided to mark this special day for the party by giving petrol at Rs 4 less than market price to protest against the soaring fuel prices. This special offer will be available in 48 pumps in Maharashtra including 36 in capital Maharashtra.

However, this special discount is only for two-wheelers, therefore long queues of two-wheelers could be seen at fuel pumps today as a majority of people got their tanks full and extended their greetings to Mr Thackeray who turns 50 today.

Sagar, a two-wheeler vehicle owner, said, that they have been hit the most by recent fuel price hike. “It’s for the first time that I have been able to get a tank full in my vehicle. It’s a huge relief,” he said.

“Like Thackeray ji, I hope Modiji also reduces the prices and gives relief to youngsters like us as salaries are also very less these days,” he added.

Petrol price in Maharashtra is Rs. 84.26 today. Party workers, who are present at the petrol pumps, have been monitoring and keeping records and will pay the differential amount to the petrol pumps at the end of the day.

One of the party workers said, “The waiver is being offered since 8 am in the morning and will continue till afternoon. In Mumbai’s Shivadi Assemby Constituency, we are giving a relief of Rs. 9 per litre on petrol.”