Legislature is the Platform that Gives Equal Rights to Masses-Haribhau Bagde

Commonwealth Parliamentary Study Class

Nagpur: The urban and rural parts of the state are coming together and the population of these two areas is almost the same. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the local public representatives to provide the facilities to the people. Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagde today said that the Legislature is the platform to get people’s access to the facility, equal justice and rights through public representatives.

He was talking about ‘Legislature: A platform for expression of desire for the masses’ in the parliamentary study class organized by the Maharashtra Commonwealth Parliamentary Board.

Mr. Bagde further said that the Legislature plays an important role in providing facilities to the people of villages, hamlets in the rural areas of the state. The work is done by the Legislature to provide necessary facilities to the masses along with the proposal for work and distribution of funds. Many public utility laws have been prepared since the establishment of the Maharashtra Legislature. However, no work can be done without the constitution, since the legislation does not obstruct the constitution while doing the work. The law of the people has been given in the form of legislation today. He said that majority of the laws of the state have been adopted by the central government and implemented throughout the country.

Mr. Bagde further said that transparency in the process has resulted in all the tests conducted online in the state. Everyone wants a job. However, the only one who is on top in the examinations , will get a job. Therefore, the state government is working to provide skillful and vocational training to those who do not find job. Also, employment is provided to all under rural employment guarantee scheme. At the beginning of the plan, three rupees per day was being provided. Now it has gone to three hundred rupees. He also said that the state’s Employment Guarantee Scheme was welcomed by the central government and the centre implemented this scheme in the entire country.

● Involve planning with self- discipline

Speaking about the importance of vision and planning in the building of Parliament House, Calcutta House and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in Mumbai, Shri Bagde further said, “Students should plan their daily routine while studying. It requires self-discipline. The maximum number of accidents in the world are in India. Why China does not have the highest number of accidents? It is necessary to think about why it happens in India. It is therefore necessary to add self-discipline to planning education , profession and personal life . Also, Shri Bagde expressed his opinion that students should move on with the idea that there is no substitute for labour and hard work.

The Central Government has given adequate funds for the work of roads in the State. He said that in the last three years, the state received highest amount of funds till date.

On this occasion, Shri Bagde informed about the facilities of education, decisions recently taken about milk powder, law related to the brutality to minor girls and the development of roads, and a brief history of the Maharashtra Legislature and Parliament House. Initially, Principal Secretary of the Vidhan Mandal, Dr. Anant Kalase introduced Mr. Bagde.