If the judiciary is not strong, nobody is safe in India: Justice Chelameswar

Nagpur: “If the judiciary is not strong, independent, responsive and efficient then nobody is safe in India,” said Justice Chelameswar, Supreme Court judge, here on Saturday.

He was speaking at the ‘Adv NL Belekar Lecture Series’ on the topic of ‘Law and Role of the BAR’ organized by the Nagpur HC Bar Association, at Vasantrao Deshpande hall here.

Justice Chelameswar said that there was a need to protect and preserve the dignity of the judiciary for future generations.

He also emphasized the bar’s role in resolving imbalance between the judiciary and the executive.

“When (control) becomes excessive, it poses a constant threat to the independence of judiciary,” he said, adding power has a tendency to corrupt people.

He further said “I am not here to blame anybody but I am concerned for my grandchildren. If I want my grandchildren to live with dignity in this country, I need to protect, preserve and strengthen the judiciary in this country”.

“For any government that comes into power or any system that gains authority, they are likely to get corrupt. But the issues become verse when the centre interferes in the Judiciary. The role of BAR council and lawyers then come into play, ”
the SC Judge added.