Jalna farmer comes out with a cheap solution to scare away birds and animals

Jalna Farmer

Jalna: A local farmer of Pimprifed Bhudruk village in Jalna district has come up with an innovative solution to get rid of the problem of birds and animals entering into the farms and damaging crops. farmer Datttreya Dahifade has devised a new technique to scare away birds and animals.

Despite round the clock supervision by farmers, birds and animals cause an estimated 20 to 25 percent loss of crops. They are forced to take care of their their farms without any break.

The prevalent use of scarecrow is not much of help. The devise developed by Dattatreya has a fan that runs on wind and creates friction sound. It scares away birds and animals and they do not enter into farms.

A victim of regular and huge loss of crops, Dattatraya decided to invent a permanent solution. He assembled an old fan and attached a thick cardboard with its plate with the help of nut and bolts. when placed in the field this fan started rotating with flow of wind and created a noise which is loud enough to keep birds and wild animals away from the farm.

The use of this fan is proved to be very useful to farmers. Since it is cheap and affordable, farmers of Jalna district rush to Dattatreya for it. This experiment is now on social media and any farmer can use it.