Chief Minister Pays Tribute to Lavani Queen Yamunabai

Mumbai : We have lost a worshipper of art with untimely death of Lavani Queen Padmashree Yamunabai Waikar , who had tried for development of folk art throughout her life , with these words Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has paid his tribute to her .

In his condolence message, the Chief Minister said, Yamunabai had taken life for the spread of Lavani, which is a unique feature of Maharashtra’s cultural heritage. She traveled throughout the State to give a feeling of original folk art to the people. The new generation of artists always got guidance from Yamunabai, who had made a big contribution in achieving the status to Loknatya, . Yamunabai, who was aware of social commitment, had a desire to develop the folk art till the last moment of her life. With her demise, an immovable star in the field of art of Maharashtra has set off.