Central Government Working to Provide Better Services for Ayurvedic Treatment-Sudhanshu Pandey

Mumbai: For thousands of years, the purpose of existing Ayurvedic science is to make a healthy citizen. To take Ayurvedic treatment, patients come to India from all over the world. Commerce, Industry Department and AYUSH Ministry jointly suggest measures to provide better quality facilities for the patients coming to India and to overcome obstacles, Sudhanshu Pandey, Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industry said this.

A seminar was organized at the Service World exhibition on the topic of investment and medical services travel value in the Ayurvedic field of India. On this occasion Mr. Pandey was speaking. Apart from Vaidya Rajesh Kottecha, Secretary, AYUSH, officers of different Ayurvedic hospitals and institutions were present on the occasion.

While using scientific Ayurveda in the global medical field, the difficulties in reaching Ayurvedic services globally, a seminar was organized in the first session on the issue.

After this, shareholders presented their views on issues related to Ayurveda in India, Ayurvedic hospitals in India, opportunities to start service centers, investment in Ayurveda, etc.

Mr. Pandey said, taking medical treatment abroad is economically costly and long-term treatment takes place. On the other hand, in India, Ayurveda can treat you at a lower cost. All programs related to Ayurveda should start within the university. Efforts are being made to strictly implement the rules, Mr. Pandey said.

Vaidya Shri Kotecha said, 2 lakh patients annually come to India for Ayurvedic treatment. There are 3 thousand 500 hospitals and 26,000 dispensaries. Ayushman Bharat Scheme has been implemented through the government. Ayurveda treatment has been accepted in the world.

On this occasion, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, President of Ayurveda Hospital, Rajiv Vasudevan, President of Dhatri Ayurveda, Abhishek Ramesh of Kairali Ayurvedic group, Abhijit Moitra and others were present on the occasion.