Both House are important for the state’s goal policy- Ramaraje Naik-Nimbalkar

Nagpur: Chairman of Maharashtra Legislative Council, Ramaraje Naik-Nimbalkar believes that in the parliamentary democracy, Legislature’s both the houses, i.e. Assembly and Council, are equally important. In the Legislative Assembly, public representatives were directly elected by the people whereas members of the Legislative Council are elected by teachers, art commerce and local self-government organizations.In democracy, the two houses of the Legislature play an important role in controlling the policies of ruling party so that it could justify to serve interest of the public.

Maharashtra Legislative Council Chairman was speaking on the topic ‘Mutual co-ordination in the two-houses system and the important contribution of the upper house in parliamentary democracy’ under the Parliamentary Study Course organized by Maharashtra Commonwealth Parliamentary Board. MLA Vinayak Mete, principal secretary of legislature Anant Kalase, secretary of chairman MM Kaaj, additional secretary Sunil Zore, professors and students from state universities were present on this occasion.

Mr. Naik-Nimbalkar said, “members of the house are advised to take advantage of the opportunities given by the people in the interest of the people without using them for themselves. It should also try to solve the problems of the people by going to the rural areas and solving them through the House. There are seven states in India where Legislative Councils are exist. In the legislative council, 78 members are elected indirectly by teachers, graduates art commerce and local self-government organizations. If both the houses are worked in coordination, they shall play an important role to serve interest of the people of the state. The Legislative Council is trying to control the assembly in order to not pass a bill in a hurry.”

Mr. Naik-Nimbalkar said that competition has increased in every field today. Today, the knowledge base of young generation has expanded and using its own technology should take initiative to come to politics to bring about change in society. Being a legislator, your new skills will be benefited by politics through social work. In order to solve problems of the people in the future, everyone has to vote for appropriate representatives. Everyone should know that the result of this voting will be impact to the future.

The role of giving justice to the general public has been done by making a decision in view of the public’s interest, by playing a neutral role while not holding a sidelined role while chairing the chair or chairperson.

Mr. Naik-Nimbalkar said that after the holding the position as speaker legislative assembly or chairman of the legislative house the person is no more the member of one party as his role becomes neutral as he or she becomes guardian of the house to serve the interest of the state as well as people of the state and he or she should deliver the justice.

After this, in the presence speaker legislative assembly or chairman of the legislative house the students were felicitated with a testimonial on the last day of the 48th, Commonwealth Parliamentary Study. The introduction speech in the program was delivered by Vinayak Mete. Rashtra Sant and Maharaj of Tukako expressed gratitude while vote of thanks was given by Professor of Nagpur University Dr Rita Dhandekar.