BJP MP Swamy terms compulsory Aadhaar as threat to national security

New Delhi: BJP MP Subramanian Swamy today opposed a move to make Aadhaar compulsory, saying it would be a threat to national security and be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Swamy said in a tweet he would write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue.
“I am writing a letter soon to PM detailing how compulsory Aadhaar is a threat to our national security. SC will I am sure strike it down,” he tweeted.

His Twitter post came a day after the Supreme Court said its constitution bench would start hearing a clutch of petitions challenging the Centre’s move to make the Aadhaar card — which carries a 12-digit unique identity number — mandatory for those wishing to avail themselves of services and benefits of government welfare schemes from the last week of November.