Beed hi-tech traffic regulatory systempolice introduces

Mumbai : In a unique system, the Beed district police of Maharashtra introduced the  hi-tech ‘body worn’ cameras for the traffic personnel to record their interactions with motorists and keep an extra eye on the vehicular movement on the road.

Informing this, the district police authorities said that the recordings made in these tiny cameras, to be worn below the top button on the uniform shirt, would ensure transparency in the working of the traffic policemen. The system would help in dealing better with motorists found guilty of violating traffic rules and also in probing complaints made against the traffic policemen.

The district police claimed that these sophisticated cameras are wearable audio-video or photographic recording devices, designed to address specific requirements related to law enforcement.

The new system would be first of its kind in the country. The body worn cameras will make the police force technologically advanced and also ensure transparency in the working of the traffic cops. At the same time, the police will also have a strong evidence, in the form of footage, against the erring motorists.

According to the district police superintendent, G Sridhar, ten such equipment have been given on an experimental basis to the traffic policemen in the district.