Ban Fishing with LED lights Fishery Secretary’ s Directions

Mumbai : Immediate notification to ban fishing with LED lights should be issued and it should be implemented immediately. Various measures should be taken to ban illegal fishing. These instructions were given by Animal Husbandary, Dairy Development and Fisheries Department Secretary Kiran Kurundkar.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has earlier instructed to take strict action to prevent fishing activities with LED lights. Accordingly Shree Kurundkar gave these instructions in a joint meeting of Fisheries Department and Mangrove Cell of Forest Department. The meeting was attended by Fisheries Commissioner Arun Vidhale, Chief Forest Conservator of Forest Department Mangrove Cell Shree Vasudevan, Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries Department Vijay Chaudhary and Assistant Commissioner Rajendra Jadhav.

On this occasion Shree Kurundkar said that fishermen from other states come in Sea boundaries of Maharashtra for fishing. To prevent them strict action should be taken against them under Maharashtra Marine Fishing Regulation Act.To get two patrolling boat on rent fir Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts, assistance of Mangrove Cell should be taken . Patrolling should be done with Mangrove Cell. Dolphins and Sea turtles and other rate species should be protected.

Shree Kurundkar informed the Commissioner of Fisheries Department that all the nets of fishi g through Troll net , cod end of the nets should be made of 40 m.m. This will help in protecting small fish and it will increase fish production. E – tender as per rules for purchase of Cod ends nets should be issued soon and nets of 40 m m cod end should be given. A planning with the helo of Mangrove Foundation should be done to implement Vessel Traffic Services (A I S) on the trolling boats fishing beyond 12 nautical miles. It should ‘ve immedimmediately implemented.

Fishermen have to cut their nets to release Turtles , dolphins and rate species into the sea. It creates loss to the fishermen. To compensate the fishermen for this a scheme should be prepared with the consultation of Mangrove Cell. It should be sent to the Government.

Some of the fishermen knowingly catch turtles and other rate species. Strict action should be taken against them. For this joint patrolling should be done. Public awareness programnes among the fishermen and nearby fishermen colonies should be arranged.